Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Feature Interview: Exclusive after-hours look at Kid to Kid in Cary!

The very lovely Loretta, a Kid to Kid full-timer, was kind enough to grant me an interview and a behind-the-scenes look around the store this past Sunday after-hours. Considering how this is one of my absolutely favorite stores (my sisters can attest that 90% of the kids' Christmas presents came from here), I was obviously excited.

The first thing that impressed me was how clean and well-organized the store is. The employees are clearly very diligent in maintaining the store's appearance. The shoes you see on the left? That's how the shoe aisle looked at the end of the weekend. Anyone who's worked retail knows how impressive that is.

Being that I am an amateur journalist (well, blogger), I couldn't just ooh and aah. I had to get down to business, in this case, the interview:

Me: Customers like to see a connection between owners and their businesses. Do the owners have any kids of their own?

Loretta: They have five, and they're all adorable as can be. Half the staff here has kids. I have a 14-month-old son.

Me: Wow. Five. Okay, how many staff are there?

Loretta: I'd say about 9, total. But most of us are full-time.

Me: For customers looking to trade-in, what's the biggest demand right now?

Loretta: The big items tend to sell the fastest. We normally see Pack n' Plays sold the same day. Also baby swings, and the Fisher-Price Little People toys.

Me: Any other advice for customers looking to trade-in?

Loretta: Call ahead to make sure there's time; that's the big thing. Also, car seats have to be within 3 years of the manufacturing date, for safety reasons. That, and a lot of customers don't realize we're already taking summer clothes.

I had a plethora of other questions that Loretta was kind enough to answer, but in the interest of space and relativity to readers, I'll just sum up the rest of the information with which she was kind enough to assist me.

Special Offers

Tuesdays are Grandparent's Day. Grandparent's get automatic 10% discount off all apparel throughout the store.

Bow Club Card. Keep a card that gets stamped every time you buy a bow. Buy 10 bows, get the next one free!

Book Club. Free book of value up to $1.50 with every purchase. (Very proud of Kid to Kid for encouraging reading from a young age!)

The staff was also nice enough to let me get in their way while they were cleaning up, all so I could take a few pictures of the best deals I saw in the store. Here's what I found.

Baby Einstein DVDs - $6.99

Anyone who has ever bought Baby Einstein DVDs at full-price knows what a steal this is.

Eddie Bauer Bassinet - $89.99

Yes, that Eddie Bauer. For under $100. I know bassinets are a little old-fashioned, but I just thought this one was so beautiful and charming. It has this gorgeous Victorian quality to it that just makes it seemed perfect for a little cherubically curly-haired baby in a white lace nightgown.

Kolcraft Double Contours Stroller - $99.99

If you're expecting twins, or just have two little ones close in age, get into Kid to Kid and snatch this up (if it's still there). It's a two-child stroller for less than three digits. This is the twins' parent equivalent of winning the lottery.

Ride-on Panda - $21.99

Okay, maybe this isn't in high demand, but I thought it was just so adorable and whimsical. Plus it's a ride-on toy for less than $40! That's awesome! (I was really sad that my son's too big for it. And that I am.)

Once again, big thanks to all the wonderful ladies I met at Kid to Kid. They are awesome and you have got to go check them out. If you get a chance, cruise by their website for more info. more pic. Pictured right: The awesome kids' play area that lets parents shop in peace.

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