Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Loving Andy as the new regional manager

Guest post written by Michelle Fall

At first when Andy came on the show The Office, I was not a fan of his. He was just some annoying guy who clearly never matured past the age of 18. But he has really grown on me since then and has basically become my favorite character. Now that Michael Scott is gone from The Office, he is my favorite current character. So to me, it was only appropriate that he be Michael's replacement as the regional manager.

I did not expect that to happen, though. I looked online a lot before the new season premiere to find some spoilers about who the new boss would be and while i was online looking, I ran across some info on internet providers. I read about it some and after that I decided to change over my apartment's internet service to it.

My highlight of Andy being the new regional manager right now is the bet that he made about getting a tattoo. I cannot believe that he even went through with getting it! Just another reason that I love his character.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Testing my resolve

This year, I decided to go simple with my New Year's Resolutions.  No insane, unattainable goals (run a marathon in June!  lose 50 pounds!), but simple things, like start counting calories again, exercise more, drink more water, cut down to only one pot of coffee a day.  I also resolved to be more patient with my husband and son, and to try to not stress about little things so much.

I almost broke all of my resolutions January 1st.

The first issue was that the first day of the new year fell on Sunday.  Which meant that, instead of sleeping in and having a lazy day off from work, I had to get my butt in gear to get to church.  And I had to do all this without my typical morning pot of extra-strong black coffee.

When I got to church, it became obvious that my resolutions about patience and not stressing so much were going to be tested.  We were low on volunteers for children's church (because, duh, New Year's), so we were going to have to combine all three classes:  nursery, preschool, and elementary.

The end result was myself and three other volunteers being responsible for 21 kids.