Monday, January 24, 2011

Ooh...pretty things for Mommy...

This is a paid post.

I may not be your typical material girl or shopaholic, but I do like getting good deals. (In fact, I tend to hold off on purchases until I can get a good deal.) So when I decide to make a purchase, I do what most frugal moms do: research various brands, and look around at different places until I can find the lowest price for the specific item I want.

If I don't feel like going to all that work, I can now just go to They're a price comparison site, so they find the best deals for you. In fact, right now they are featuring some of their best deals on products that make for wonderful mom-goodies. (After all, we spoil our kids all the time. Daddy can spoil us every once in a while.)

Here are some of their products in top-demand:

Shiatsu Elite Footmassager FMS 200H. May sound space-age, but it's a guaranteed foot massage. (As opposed to one you have to nag your husband for.)

.40 Micro Pave Platinum Anniversary Band. Anniversary bands are nice because your guy can only buy you an engagement ring and wedding band once (well, ideally).

Bahai Pendants Aquamarine. They also have this truly beautiful "Mother's Embrace" birthstone pendant. (You use your kids' birthstones in it.)

Don't let the links fool you. They have thousands of more products in all categories, including some amazing deals on electronics. So if you've got some online shopping to do, is the place to do it.

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