Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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So, as you all obviously know, writing is very important to me.  I agonize over word choice and grammar, and I would be humiliated to find a spelling mistake in one of my posts.  And I know a few of my readers are bloggers as well, so you're in the same boat (especially if English is not your 1st language).  Even if you don't write much on a regular basis, writing is something everyone has to do, whether it be at work, or on a resume, or correspondence, etc.

But writing well is not an easy accomplishment.  Even the most experienced and educated individual is apt to make a few errors every now and then, especially if they're errors that the typical low-level built-in grammar and spell check cannot detect.

And that's where WhiteSmoke comes in. WhiteSmoke is a full text translator, thesaurus, spelling, and grammar check all rolled into one.  It even utilizes artificial intelligence technology to assist your writing, and to catch mistakes generic grammar and spellcheckers don't find.  It's received top rankings and reviews from Yahoo, NBC, and CNN Business.  And right now, you can download the trial version of WhiteSmoke 2011 for free.  No malware, no credit card required.  If you don't like, you don't buy the full version.  No risk.  That's it.

So give WhiteSmoke a shot.  You'll be supporting two good causes:  1.)  Your writing and 2.)  Me.  ; )

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