Friday, April 15, 2011

Bucket List ~ Director's Cut

If you haven't checked it out, click the pic to watch the "official" Glee flash mob.  (It's worth it just for the two cute little kids breakdancing at the beginning.)

I saw this linked last night, and I just love it.  I'm a huge Gleek, and I think flash mobs are the greatest social construct of the 21st century.  I dream of one day being in a flash mob, or even better yet, organizing one.

How brave do you have to be to be the first person to jump out there and start dancing?  You have no guarantee that all the people who are supposed to join you are going to follow through, and you run the risk of greatly embarrassing yourself.  I can only imagine how thrilling that moment is, when you commit to such an insane, impromptu public performance.

So, I decided that leading a flash mob is at the top of my bucket list.  And that got me thinking about other things I would really like to do, and some of the cool things I've done.

Ambitious Bucket List
Swim with sharks.
Visit Madagascar.
Write a recognized piece of groundbreaking journalism.
Report from an active warzone.
Have a walk-on (speaking) role in a movie.
Get a full back tattoo.
Be elected to public office (even if it's just the school board).
See Bowie live in concert.
Lead a flash mob.

Now, the likelihood of any of those things happening is very slim, much less the likelihood that they could all happen.  That's why I have:

Realistic Bucket List
Go scuba diving.
Visit a foreign country (besides Canada or anywhere in the Caribbean).
Preach a sermon (instead of just writing them).
Aid refugees from a warzone.
Get to watch part of a movie being filmed.
Get a rib tattoo.
Run for public office (even if it's just the school board).
Go backstage at any concert.
Be in a flash mob, or even just witness one live.

But, honestly, even a lot of those things probably aren't very possible.  That's when it becomes necessary to have:

Mom's Bucket List
Clean my house.
Go through the clothes we don't wear anymore and donate them to Goodwill.
Pay off my student loans.
Have four hubcaps on my car (all at the same time).
Watch the series finale of "Lost", and see if it explains anything.
Write a letter to J.J. Abrams complaining about how they ended "Lost".

Of course, maybe that's a bit cynical.  There are a lot of cool things I've managed to do in a mere quarter-century on Earth.  Like:

Completed Bucket List
Hang out with gang leaders in Chicago at a Vacation Bible School.
Do street drama in inner-city D.C.
Drive halfway across the country to Oklahoma City.
Other road trips all over the country (including a 17-hour bus ride to Pontiac).
Experience major cities, from San Francisco, to New York, to Atlanta.
Dyed my hair blue.
Hang out behind-the-scenes with employees at a large aquarium.
Ride an elephant.
Ride in an parade (though that was on a horse).
Had a walk-on, non-speaking role in a bad t.v. show.
Go to a Final Four.
Hang out at a crazy concert/street festival in Richmond.
Impulse trips to the beach or Maryland.
Had eyebrow pierced, lip pierced, belly button pierced.
3 1/2 hours of intense pain to get a really cool tattoo.
18 hours of excruciating pain to get the coolest kid.
Closing in on a half-decade of marriage to a guy I can't intimidate.

All in all, it's been pretty good so far.

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