Thursday, April 21, 2011

I know I say it a lot, but my kid is so spoiled.

My son is S-P-O-I-L-E-D.  It is ridiculous.

I'm not talking about how he's spoiled with clothes or toys, though he is, with both.  My kid is spoiled with time.

My son gets heartbroken if he doesn't see his grandparents at least twice a week.  He sees his aunts and beloved cousins almost that often.

My husband and I both work close to home, and we're always off work by 5:00 at the latest.  We take him almost everywhere we go.  (Seriously.  I can't think of more than about a half a dozen times in his life when he's been left with grandparents while Mommy and Daddy go out.)

Yesterday, I decided to spoil my kid some more.  It was a good day to do it.  I had to leave the office early to go downtown and swear in as a notary public.  (BTW, downtown is insane since the storm.  There were even still a few traffic lights out, and Moores Square is unrecognizable.)

Well, I lucked out and found parking right near the building, then the whole process with the Register of Deeds Office took almost no time at all, so I finished everything up a lot sooner than I was expecting.  However, it was late enough that, if I went back to the office, I'd only be there less than an hour before it was time to leave again.

I debated going home, changing out of my dress, and just having a little "me" time to chill.  But then I remembered that my son is the coolest guy I know, so I decided to go pick him up early from preschool, instead.

They were in the middle of post-nap snacktime when I walked in.  He saw me, yelled "Mommy!", and was so excited that he ran to me, abandoning his cookies and milk.  (With my kid, if you can outrank snacks, you know you're gold.)  I grabbed his stuff, waved bye to his teacher, and we headed out the door.

Now, my son outgrows clothes about twice a week, and now that it's almost May the weather in this area is getting stupid-hot.  So it was definitely time to pick him up some summer duds.  Since I hate wasting money on clothes he'll barely have a chance to wear, we headed to my favorite secondhand store, Kid2Kid.

I walk in the door, and the first thing that hits me is that they're now selling new t-shirts for adults.  Which read, "I'm a stay-at-home superhero."

Ugh.  Look, I'm not going to knock SAHMs.  I know it's a tough gig, and it's certainly not something I would want to do.  I'm just sick of the implication that working moms are somehow inferior in our parenting.  That we're not as "attuned to our children's needs" and that being a SAHM is a "higher calling" and all that babble.  Being a working mom is tough.  But we do it because it's what works for our families.  But you don't see me wearing a shirt that says, "I put in a 40-hour work week and still raise a healthy and well-developed child."  Because it's obnoxious.

Anyway, I'm not criticizing Kid2Kid.  They have to sell what there's a demand for.  It's a business.  But please understand that, if you wear a shirt around me that says something stupid like, "I'm a Mommy.  What's your superpower?", I am going to ridicule you, as soon as I stop throwing up in my mouth.  (P.S.  Having functioning ovaries and unblocked fallopian tubes is not a superpower.  It's being a mammalian female in good reproductive health.)

Okay, all done with that rant.  Getting back to topic.  Kid2Kid was still awesome.  I got some great deals on shorts and t-shirts, and since my son was (relatively) good, I told him he could pick out a new book.  He actually wanted a peg puzzle, so I let get one of those instead.  (He picked out one with mommy and baby jungle animals on it.  Super cute.)

We paid for our stuff and, with a little time to kill before Daddy got off work, walked over to the PETCO to look at the animals.  He loved saying hi to all the birds, and fish, and kitties, and etc.  I also let him scoop treats from the treat bar to bring home to our doggies, and he thought that was great.  He marched up to the register and proudly plopped the treats up on the counter, I paid, and we headed home.

The last bit of fun we had occurred while we were walking up the sidewalk to our house.  Without warning, my son stopped dead in his tracks and squatted down, face leaned close to the ground.

He started waving at a tiny little beetle crossing our path.  "Hi bug.  Hi.  Hi bug."

I took his hand.  "Come on baby.  Let's go inside.  Say bye to the bug."

He stood up, stepping very carefully around the beetle, and waving.  "Bye.  Bye bug."

Then we went inside, and he solved that peg puzzle multiple times in a row, no hesitation.

Sensitive and smart.  Told you he was the coolest guy I know.

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