Sunday, May 29, 2011

Adventures in Couponing: Second Trip

Hubby and I have our big beginning-of-the-month grocery run planned for tomorrow, so I decided to make a couple more small couponing ventures tonight, so we can get whatever's left on our shopping list on our last big trip tomorrow.  Here's the breakdown:

First Stop:  Kroger
Apparently no one told the good people of my town that it was a Saturday night, because Kroger was straight-up packed.  Like, "5:30 p.m. on payday" packed.  They only had one check-out line open, and it was the express lane (15 items or less).  This meant I had to deal with those creepy AI-powered robots they call "Self Check-Out".  For someone who makes money blogging, I am a complete luddite when it comes to the self check-out machine.  Also, they steal jobs from good, hardworking, non-robotic American workers.  (I may have read "Invitation to the Game" too many times as a kid.)  Oh, and I found out that, to use coupons at one of those things, you have to call for the cashier to come over and scan your coupons.  So pointless.

At least I got some good deals.  Like 6 boxes of Kotex brand "feminine products" for $12.  (Any of you ladies know that that stuff's expensive, AND something of which you never want to run out.)  I also snagged
Ragu Pasta Sauce (3):  Reg. $1.70 each for.  VIC sale price 3/$5.  Manf. coupon for $1.25 off 3.  I paid $3.75 for three, or $1.25 apiece.
Wishbone Dressing:  Reg. $2.50 each.  VIC sale price half-off.  Manf. coupon for $1.00 off.  I paid $.25.
Surf Detergent:  Reg. $5.50 each.  VIC sale price $2.99.  Manf. coupon for $.50 off.  I paid $1.49.

Grabbed a few other food staples, including some nifty, fast-and-easy pasta sides I nabbed for $.50 each, for a total of 19 items.  Final bill before discounts applied:  $52.11.  Subtract $9.39 for loyalty card and $12.00 for coupons, and I paid $30.72.  Savings$21.39 or 41%.

Second Stop:  Lowe's Foods
The savings on this stop were considerably less dramatic, since I had to get a raincheck for the item I wanted the most.  But Lowe's Foods has everyday doubling on coupons up to $.99 face value, so I got one item for an exceptionally amazing price.

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce:  Reg. price $2.09.  Lowe's Rewards price $1.50.  Manf. coupon for $.55 off.  Doubled for $1.10 off.  I paid $.40.

I also grabbed some pancake mix and grape jelly (we were out) for only 3 items.  Final bill before discounts applied:  $7.29.  Subtract $1.69 in rewards saving and $3.10 in coupons, and I paid $2.50.  Savings$4.79 or 66%.

So, for my evening shopping, all told I purchased 22 items, $59.40 worth of groceries for $33.22, for a savings of $26.18, or 44%.

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