Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's 100 degrees. Buy a hoodie!

Exhausted after running again this morning.  (But proud of myself for sticking with it!)  Gonna hold off on the Little Man's birthday post and just link the info for Printfection's crazy "Hoodies in July" sale.

Here's the store link.  8PP Store

And here are the coupon codes:

Coupon Code: TooHot

Discount: 20% off the base price subtotal, no minimums

Coupon Code: forHoodies
Discount: 35% off the base price subtotal of $50+

Enter the coupon code before check-out.  Sale runs today through Saturday.
Oh, for the sale, they've also added 9 new colors.  Don't forget to contact me if you want anything customized.  (I strongly recommend the "Hi, my name is 's mom/dad" design.)

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