Sunday, September 25, 2011

Military Girlfriend

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

This military girlfriend thing is about to kill me. James has been in the field for 9 days and I have had absolutely no contact. My only saving grace is that I spent all of last weekend with him in Virginia and stocked up on quality time together. I am so proud of him, though, this is all worth it. I find myself writing emails that I know he won’t read until he returns to the base, but it’s my daily way of filling him in on life. This has become routine for me when he’s in the field, but last month when he returned to the base, J had a surprise for me. We could skype using the Satellite TV they have on base! He was reading my emails on a timed computer and was only allowed 5 minutes to read everything since all the guys needed access. But, with this, we can have up to 15 minutes to talk to each other face-to-face and catch up! Gotta love technology. Hopefully this will make the next year go by faster.

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