Monday, October 31, 2011

Last-minute costumes for moms

If you're like me, you've spent most of your prep time for this year's Halloween focused on making the holiday fun for your kid.  Choosing an adorable costume, figuring out trick-or-treat routes, and watching the Halloween episode of "Yo Gabba Gabba" to help him get prepared.  (Also, shut up; I love me some "Yo Gabba Gabba".)

However, at least for me, such was not always the case.  Halloween used to be my thang.  Working on costumes weeks in advance, debating on whether or not to brave the crowds on Franklin Street, deciding Hillsborough Street was too lame and involved too much walking in uncomfortable shoes, and inevitably finding myself at Legends.  (There is no party like a gay club on Halloween.)

I can also admit that, prior to the birth of my son, I was one of those girls who went just a liiiiittle on the slutty side with my costumes each year.  Schoolgirl, vampire (corsette + fangs), cigarette girl (won a costume contest with that one, but the dress was so short I specifically bought matching undies for the occassion).

Of course, I don't want to dress slutty for Halloween anymore.  I've outgrown it, and I'm a mom now.  I don't want to present any image that I would be embarrassed for my son to see pictures of years down the road.

However, I still love Halloween.  And now that I've got my son all prepared, I'm realizing that I still really want to dress up for tonight.  Of course, it's the last-minute, so a costume is going to require all my creative MacGyver skills.

Now, a lot of people are throwing on a black turtleneck and some wire-rimmed glasses, carrying around an iPhone and saying they're Steve Jobs.  I think that's a bit insensitive, personally, and I own no Apple products.

So, I started thinking about what's in my closet, and got some ideas.  Then I realized that it's probably very similar to what most moms have in their closets, and I have a chance to do some good here.  So, in case you waited until the last second (like me!) here are some easy Halloween costumes you can throw together for tonight.

Princess/Beauty Queen:  Old bridesmaid dress + tiara.  If the dress is pastel, or very simple, throw a white shawl over your shoulders, and wear white dress socks with your pumps.  Now you're a 1950s prom date.

Bride:  Your old wedding dress.  Duh.

Annie Hall:  Dress pants, vest, tie, and black flats.  Baggy everything.  Glasses and a hat.  You can probably raid your hubby's closet for the necessary materials.

Pirate:  Billowy dress shirt and harem pants tucked into boots.  Bandana.  Stuffed parrot.  Overuse of the word "Arrrgh".

'80s Chick:  Scrunchie (for sideways ponytail).  Loud make-up.  Old sweatshirt with the neck cut out, slung to the side with one shoulder exposed.  Stirrup pants.  Lots of bright colors.  For extra effect, dig out your old ghetto blaster (or walkman) and blare some Cyndi Lauper.  If you're feeling particularly brave, wear rollerblades.

'70s-Era David Bowie:  My costume choice for this evening, it's basically a combination of the prior two choices.  Pirate clothes, but with the '80s make-up.  The more glitter, the better, and draw a lightning bolt across your face with red lipstick (google "Aladdin Sane" to get what I'm talking about).  Plus, it's not really like it's crossdressing 'cause, come-on, it's vintage David Bowie.  As long as you're more "Ziggy Stardust" with your costume (and less "Thin White Duke"), it's really more appropriate for a woman to wear it than a man.

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