Saturday, January 15, 2011

"He's like Gandhi, but better; he likes puppets!" ~ Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Everyone knows that a lot of aspects of your personality change when you become a parent. Along with your priorities, every region of your brain chemistry seems to alter, whether slightly or drastically.

One of the weirdest differences I've noticed in myself is the fact that my taste in guys radically changed when I became a mom. I used to be all about the dark, sexy, brooding types (definitely more Team Edward than Team Jacob). I was definitely more into the Johnny Depps than the Brad Pitts (excluding Tyler Durden, of course).

But then I had a baby. And you know who I now absolutely adore? (The picture should be a clue.) That's right: Jason Segel. The big goofy guy from "How I Met Your Mother", with two of the unsexiest nude scenes in movie history (both in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall").

But sit me down to watch "I Love You Man", and I could just about swoon (though "FMS" is by far my favorite). And you know why? Because something about this big, childish dork just screams that he would be an awesome dad. And now that I have a son, that is a huge turn-on for me. (Not that I plan on replacing my son's dad any time soon, but, should something happen, Jason, you're definitely top-choice for a back-up.)

Anyway, now I have reason to crush even harder on Jason Segel. Just like his character in "FMS", he loves the Muppets, and thanks to his begging of some studio execs, is going to the starring live-action character in a new Muppets movie! He's even promising to keep it a very old-school, classic type, with the muppets putting on a big production to save their theatre.

Swoon, indeed. : )

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