Friday, January 21, 2011

If it's something you're in the market for, Mailboxixchange makes really gorgeous mailboxes.

This is a paid post.

How many of you take a lot of pride in how your house and lawn look? Probably quite a few. You want to make a great first impression on your neighbors. So you may have a perfectly manicured lawn, nicely tended garden, decorative door knocker, or perhaps a seasonal wreath or flag hung.

Now think about what your mailbox looks like. If I have to guess, it's black or white, probably wood or metal, and definitely boring. If you want to fix that, and make your mailbox match the rest of your gorgeous home, you need to check out Mailboxixchange. They have a lot of really nice, contemporary and classic (but never tacky or overdone) mailboxes. If you're townhome dweller (like me), they even have wall mailboxes.

Again, I'm not here to tell you how awful your house looks without a really fancy mailbox. But it's it's something you're looking for anyway, or you just want that nice little extra touch, browse Mailboxixchange first.

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