Friday, January 21, 2011

Pregnant is the new black.

We all (at least, all the women) know how it is to get the baby-crazies every once in a while. For me, I'm dealing with the fact that my baby is now really a full-fledge walking, talking (kinda) toddler. Just about every woman at my church is pregnant or just (like, within the past month) had a baby, and one of my best friends is firmly in "I want another baby RIGHT NOW!" mode.

My sister has an adorable little newborn, as well. But still I know the timing's not right and I need to wait until it is. (Till my health is better, till I've been at my job a little longer, till we have more money saved up, till my son's potty-trained, etc.)

But being around all these pregnant women and babies makes me really want the chance to do it over. My pregnancy and delivery of my son were so difficult and traumatic; it'd be nice to get a chance to do things over, with more knowledge, with more attentive doctors...

So I started wondering, is pregnancy really contagious? Obviously not on its own, but do the people around you influence your decision? According to this one workplace study, totally.

Of course, they only studied women in the workplace (as opposed to family, church and social circles, etc.), so I guess I'm lucky to work with 11 guys in my department.

Still's like everyone once in a while all my brain can think is "baby".

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