Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shameless Plug!: Huggies baby wash will make your baby smell sweeter than angel farts!

I know I'm bucking tradition here by recommending any baby-cleaner other than Johnson & Johnson's, but we've been using Huggies brand baby wash all of my little man's 17 months of life. (And in case you think I'm just somehow pro-Huggies brand, their diapers leak and are awful and I hate them in the face.)

But their baby body wash is baller. It's perfect because it serves it's primary function, a.k.a. "gets baby clean". But, in theory, most baby washes do that. So what makes Huggies special?

It doesn't smell like much of anything at all. Which is perfect! "New baby smell" is possibly the greatest smell in the world! Huggies baby wash is like a fine claret with a gourmet dinner. It enhances and brings out the "baby smell" bouquet without overpowering it, while getting rid of the less pleasant smells that sometimes cling to my son (poop, dirt, poop, Lucky Charms crumbs, poop, partially-digested crayons, poop, etc.).

Most grocery stores sell it. Or if you want baby smell delivered to your home, visit this website and just order it.

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