Friday, February 25, 2011


This is a sponsored post.

I'm going to assume the majority of you have heard of Groupon.  For those who haven't, I'll give you the quick rundown:

Groupon works via a premise similar to when you buy in bulk at a club store.  Only it's local businesses doing the "buying" of customers, through huge, "bulk" coupons.  Local businesses are willing to give insane discounts in order to draw in more customers.  They know they'll make up the costs of the coupons in increased revenue.

The way Groupon is different than regular coupons is, the more people who accept the offer, the greater the discount.  This means it's in your best interest to get as many people as possible to accept the offer.  Groupon makes it easy to share deals with friends via Facebook, Twitter, etc.  You can even get Groupon bucks for referring friends.

I signed up today, and it was very quick and easy (and FREE).  (They didn't ask for my SSN or blood type or anything.)  Follow the link from this site, and give Groupon a try.

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