Thursday, February 24, 2011

I need a few good (looking) people...

Majorly exciting things going on with the 8PP Store!  I've been putting a lot of work into this bad boy, and am really happy about what I have to show for it:
  • There's about a dozen new designs, including Maternity wear for before you're showing, and oh-so-exclusive Paternity wear.  (Exclusive because, can you name another baby blog that sells paternity gear?  See?  Didn't think so.)
  •  The store layout has been really revamped and streamlined, so it's a lot easier to find the products and designs you're searching for.
  •  I'm also offering free design customization upon request.  Simply drop me a line over at the Contact Page (just be sure to leave a way I can contact you back, like an e-mail or phone number).
 And, for today through Sunday only, Printfection, the company which hosts the store, is having their massive birthday sale.  Enter the following coupon codes prior to check-out to save:
  • PFBDAY$5 Save $5 off your subtotal of $25+
  • PFBDAY$15 Save $15 off your subtotal of $50+
  • PFBDAY$35 Save $35 off your subtotal of $100+
Lastly, as you might have inferred from the post title, I'm interested in finding a few people to model 8PP gear for pics for the store.  I can't offer much in monetary compensation, but I can pay you in internet fame and free swag.  (Which is way better than money, right?)  Again, hit me up at the Contact Page if you're interested.  I'm ideally looking for:
  • One adult male, mid-20s to early-40s.
  • One adult female, mid-20s to early-40s.
  • One pregnant adult female, far enough along to be showing.
  • One child, between the ages of 2 and 8 (preferably a girl).
Thank you so much to all who read for all your support.  You guys make this fun.

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