Saturday, February 12, 2011

An open letter to Hulu...

Hulu, there's no easy way to say this. We need to talk.

You have been an awesome roommate with the hubby and I these past couple of years. You're so funny, and entertaining, and giving. It's like you always know what we want, and ask nothing in return.

Well, almost nothing. You like attention. Nothing wrong with that. So, a couple of times a show, you have your commercial breaks. And we just accepted it as one of your adorable little quirks.

But, just like with any friendship, relationships change when a baby is thrown into the dynamic. And some of the things you used to talk about, well, they're just not appropriate in a toddler's presence.

Now, we don't blame you for the raunchier commercials late at night after the kid's asleep and we're watching "Dexter". We don't expect you to change your behavior completely, and there's a time and a place for everything.

But you have to learn what appropriate behavior for any given situation. Like this morning, when we were all catching up with this past Wednesday's "Modern Family". This is a family-friendly sitcom, and, with the exception of some suggestive dialogue between the Dunphy parents, is pretty squeaky-clean. So we let our son stay in the room with us while we watch it. There's no profanity and nothing graphic, so all of the inappropriate jokes go over his head.

Which is why it concerns me that you felt it necessary for a 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning viewing of a family sitcom to be sponsored by KY-Jelly. I get that you have to have advertisers to keep the shows free, but how is sex lube a good match for a wholesome sitcom? Not only that, but the commercials were very suggestive and graphic. The content of the show is what I should have to worry about screening my toddler from; not the commercials!

Are "Modern Family" viewers really KY's target audience? Really? Or is there really a need to illustrate in such detail what your product does? If someone can't figure out from the packaging how to use sex lube, maybe they aren't someone who you would want to target in your advertisement, anyway. (Perhaps target ads for vasectomies, or tubal ligations, towards those people.)

Hulu, I'm not saying we want you to leave. We still love you, and most of our time together has been really great. (We're even proud at all the things you've accomplished on your own. Have we ever missed an episode of "Legion of Xtraordinary Dancers"? That's right; we support you.)

But, Hulu, you really have to use better judgment. We've all got a baby to think of now, and we have to set a good example. So, we need you to not be offended if we want to watch more family-friendly. We can still do grown-up stuff, but just not when he's around. We're worried about the example you're setting.

Still friends? Okay. How about we all enjoy some "Electric Company" reruns together?

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