Monday, February 14, 2011

Such a romantic day, you'll cry rose petals and vomit cupids.

Remember back when you were dating or newlywed, what Valentine's Day was like?  You started it off all romantic, maybe breakfast in bed, or meeting somewhere for a nice breakfast or brunch.  Maybe flowers got delivered to your workplace or classroom for you (or were left waiting for you on your car, along with a lovely note).  When you got home, you got all pretty and primped up and went out to a high-end restaurant, where you ordered wine and dessert, and maybe received a nice gift of chocolates, or even jewelry.

Then you had kids.

Here's how my "romantic" Valentine's Day has gone so far...

Found out in the 11th hour that my son needed Valentine's cards for his classmates.  My husband tried to tell me that we didn't have to get cards for the other kids, that the teacher sent a note that it was optional.  I tried to explain to him that our only options were get the cards, or have the one empty-handed kid in the class on Valentine's Day.

Get up at 5:00 a.m. this morning to make hubby Valentine's breakfast and send him to get cards.  Wal-Mart is out of cards.  (Also, still smells like homeless people and cabbage, even when you're not in the produce section.)  Hubby used all the eggs yesterday to make a Valentine's cake, so I end up making him a Dagwood sandwich and oatmeal for breakfast.  (To make it fancy, I put raisins and brown sugar in the oatmeal, and even leave him the rest of the coffee.)

Get baby up and ready so we can run to the Kroger near his school before dropping him off.  Hubby runs into Kroger and manages to snag some sweet Marvel Comics cards.  We tag-team the list of classmates' names and fill the cards out in the parking lot.  (Realize around this time that both of us have really sucky handwriting.)

7:10.  Finally get baby to school, and the cards dropped off.  Realize we forgot to make cards for the teachers.  Realize no longer care at this point.

7:30.  Get to work.  Hope rest of Valentine's Day improves.  Understand that best-case scenario involves a bottle of Boone's Farm and watching the new episode of "House".

7:31.  Decide that boring domestic life (with awesome son and hubby) still beats being single on Valentine's Day.

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Anonymous said...

Bring the teachers cards on a day when they don't expect it - it will mean more.
At the risk of sounding rehearsed I've never celebrated Valentine's Day with my significant other. If you can't show them the rest of the year what's the point?

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