Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father's Day is in 3 days! Crap!

So, long story short, I have no idea what to get my dad OR my husband for Father's Day.  My husband will probably be relatively easy.  Cook him breakfast in bed and help my son do some sort of art project for him.  Maybe go out for a nice lunch somewhere.

My dad is a bit more difficult.  It's not that he's a difficult person to give presents to...not in the least.  He's almost too easy.  Everything makes him happy.

And, he's on a bit of a health kick, so I can't just make him a cake like I did for my moms on Mother's Day.

Okay...I admit it.  I also can't summon up the will to do any more baking, especially if I'm going to already be cooking for my husband.  Cooking is hard, and I'm not very good at it.

So, what can I get my dad?  He already has three daughters and four grandkids.  That's seven people who all take after him in some way.  After awhile, isn't genetic immortality a gift in and of itself?

I know that I got from my dad a love of reading, an edge of (over)competetiveness, and a tendency to be "strong-willed" (though other people sometimes call it "stubborn").  I also got the family nose (unfortunately).

My son, especially when he was younger and didn't have any hair, looks a lot like my dad.  In addition to his appearance, he's got the same outgoing charm.  This concerns me, as I don't want my toddler to be too much of a playa.

My younger sister, the middle child, has the same shade of gray-blue eyes as our dad, and the same ability to make those eyes disappear when she smiles.  She passed that along to her daughter, my older niece, and her son, the youngest cousin, is a lot like my dad in that he just smiles all the time.  There's few babies whose default mood is "happy".

My youngest sister takes after my dad in some of the more hilarious ways, especially now that she's temporarily moved back in with my parents.  She has the same abrupt, bursting laugh that's so easy to startle out of her.  They also both have this tendency to rapidly repeat sentences in succession when they're stressed, as in, "Put-the-phone-down.-Put-the-phone-down.-Put-the-phone-down."  This means that any argument between them lasts about three times longer than it should.

My youngest sister's daughter, my younger niece, doesn't talk too much yet, but she's taking after my dad in other ways.  She's already got a sneaky grin and a love of mischief, and she's a tough little trooper on top of that.

So, what can I get my dad to commemorate all that?  For moms you can always get something stupid and cheesy, like one of those necklaces with a little charm for each kid.  But, obviously, my dad's not a chick, and also, I don't want any of my money supporting the inane-jewelry industry.

I got it!  A beer pong set where each ping pong ball has one of the kids' names and birthdays on it.  It's perfect because, the more you drink, the more likely you are to forget that information anyway.  This way there's a helpful reminder right there in your cup of lukewarm Michelob Lite.

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