Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wowee!  A lot has happened since my last post!  Here's a quick holiday weekend recap:

Friday.  Left work a little early and went with some family to see "Cars 2".  Wait for dvd on this one.  Didn't hold the kids' interest, and involved a convoluted plot about Mater being mistaken for a secret agent and a plot by Big Oil to discredit alternative fuel sources.  In a kids' movie.  It's not worth trying to explain the energy crisis to a preschooler.

Friday Night.  Ate junk food and watched "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" with the boys.  In anticipation of Deathly Hallows:  Part II, hubby and I have been rewatching the movies, and I've been rereading the books.  We let the little guy watch the first couple of movies because there's not much that's scary or disturbing in them.  (Besides Mommy's crush on Professor Snape.)

Saturday.  Mostly lazy.  I think we went to the pool for a bit, but I could be mixing my days up.  Caught up on SYTYCD.  Was glad to see Robert leave.  Likable enough guy, just not a very strong dancer.

Saturday Night.  Drove out to see the in-laws.  Got dinner at Cici's (my boys can eat their weight in pizza, so they probably lost money on us) and went to a fun little 4th of July festival with rides and fireworks.  My son had a blast, and even really enjoyed his first fireworks show.  (My husband had the foresight to bring along some huge, noise-cancelling headphones for him).  Baby boy passed out on the car ride home, and slept like a rock all through the night.

Sunday.  Church was so awesome, it should go in a category all by itself.  My son was part of the church's first ever baby dedication, and we got to stand up front alongside two other church families we know pretty well, which really helped with the nerves.  Some of our family visited just to see the dedication, and the sermon itself was so good, and on one of my favorite passages (Acts 4).  I know it's always tough preaching about tithes and offering, but my pastor did a phenomenal job with it.  Then I had two new kids in my preschool class (for seven kids total) and they both did wonderfully and seemed to open up and really enjoy themselves.  It's always great when you get to tell a parent who was nervous about leaving their kid that their child was an angel.

Sunday Night.  Think we just hung out at home?  I know we stopped by the pool for a minute, but these long weekends get confusing.

Monday.  Pool with the family.  My son and his cousin had a blast playing on (and mostly sinking) one of those mesh-and-inflatable pool rafts.  My baby nephew got to sit under a ridiculous hat and think of how much it stinks being the youngest.  (I just assume that's how his 7-month-old brain works.)

Monday Night.  Dinner at home, and then some Goodberry's with my parents.  Put the baby to bed, then watched this season's second episode of "TrueBlood" which, in a continued attempt to deviate some the books, seems to also be attempting to out-ridiculous them (a feat I would have thought impossible).  This is how I imagine the scriptwriters' conversation going:

"Here's an idea!  Let's take Tara, the one believable character from the book, and involve her in all the craziest storylines!"

"Are you talking about Sookie's boring friend who gets married to their other boring friend from high school, and then runs a fashion boutique until she gets pregnant?"

"Yeah, her!  We should make her a lesbian cagefighter."

I will give that show credit for one thing:  I find their portrayal of the male characters highly realistic.  Mainly in that, all the drop-dead gorgeous guys are pretty much jerks (i.e. Bill, Eric), and all the unfortunate-looking fellows are total sweethearts (i.e. Hoyt, Terry).  Lafayette and Jesus get to be the exceptions and be both goodlooking and likeable because they are gay and therefore unattainable.

Okay, so that's mostly my weekend.  Once I've rested and gotten back into the swing of things, I'll return tomorrow with a more coherent post.  Until then, enjoy your return to a regular work schedule.


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