Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brief Update: I have superpowers.

No, I'm not talking about my ability to run a fever constantly for an unspecified period of time (since that's not cool or useful).  Seriously, picture this...

Gotham City/Metropolis/Wherever late at night.  Dark alley.  Typical thugs mugging some poor guy scene.  A superheroine approaches from the shadows.  Thug 1 panics and shoots her in the chest.  She staggers for a second, then keeps walking forward.  She steps into the light to reveal a bullet wound from which no blood oozes.

That's my super-power.  I don't bleed.  Seriously, I freaked out a phlebotomist.  It took her several stabs with the needle to find a vein, and when she finally did, it took a few minutes just to fill three vials.  She went to bandage up my arms, and it turned out to be unnecessary, because they weren't bleeding.  This woman stabbed a needle all the way into my arm, and I didn't bleed.  Not a drop.  Not even from the site where she was finally able to collect the blood.

The Urgent Care I went to Sunday couldn't do a fingerprick blood draw on me because they couldn't get enough blood to test.  Apparently, my weird combination of low blood pressure, anemia, fever, and being dehydrated has made my veins tiny and shrunken far away from the surface of my skin, and has also slowed my blood down to a crawl.

You know what this means...If I can't bleed, I can't bleed to death.  Bam.  Superpower.

I'm thinking of going by "Hypotensia", or maybe "Anemia Girl".

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