Friday, May 6, 2011

It's all about ME!!!

So, Mother's Day is coming up (and that means more than just hilarious entries on STFUParents).

It means my first real Mother's Day.

Yes, technically I was a mother on Mother's Day last year, and a mom-to-be the year before.  But being pregnant on Mother's Day only counts so much, and my jerk boss made me close the store on Mother's Day last year because he wanted to go play volleyball.

So, this is my first real Mother's Day, where my son is actually old enough to help make me a gift.  And, I'm going to be selfish this year.

Growing up, Mother's Day was always a little bit stressful, because I love my mom, and I love my stepmom, but I only got one day to give both of them "their" day.

Well, this year, I'm the mom on Mother's Day.  Once I'm done with church, I'm spending my time with my boys, my family, at my house.

I just hope I get a better gift than last year.  Not that my gift wasn't thoughtful.  My husband bought me three books by authors I love.  Unfortunately, I already owned two of the books.  (I traded them in for a special-edition hardback of "Under the Dome".)

This year, I get presents from my son that he made at daycare, and something special he and Daddy are planning together.

So, commence with the spoiling, guys.  I'm ready for it.

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