Monday, June 13, 2011

My plea to Forever21: Either leave Rachel Kane alone, or get the Bible verses off your shopping bags.

As you may have noticed on this site before, I really hate hypocrisyJump-up-and-down and hate it.

So, for those of you who follow the events of the blogosphere, it should come as no surprise that the most recent group to draw my ire is Forever21.

Yes, Forever21, the cheap and trendy clothes store.  They're mostly known for selling flimsy clothes at rock-bottom prices, normally in styles they ripped off from smaller, lesser-known designers.

Some of their clothes are cute, some are hideous, and some are perfect for child prostitutes in-training.

Oh, and they print John 3:16 on the bottom of all their shopping bags.  Because they're a Christian company.

Well, this mega-rich Christian company got wind that, of their hit-and-miss styles, some of their more "miss" products were being mocked by a young shopper named Rachel Kane on her hilarious blog,

Being a super-successful company who is growing and expanding by leaps and bounds, they decided to appreciate the free publicity and focus their attention and resources on coming up with their own designs for once.

Haha...just kidding.  They threatened to sue her.

Suddenly, a lot more people are interested in, and subsequently visiting, this priorly unknown blog.  A fund has been started to provide for Kane's legal defense, and Forever21 is receiving way more bad press than they were trying to stifle by shutting down the blog.

I've already written a letter to the company explaining that, until they drop all legal actions against Ms. Kane, I will not be spending a dime in any of their establishments.

I also suggested they switch the verse on the bottom of their shopping bags to Matthew 5:39.

It's that one about "turning the other cheek".

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