Friday, August 5, 2011

"Finnegan's Wake", in blog-form.

If this post doesn't make much sense it's because it's being written at 4:00 a.m. while I sweat and shiver under blankets in an 80 degree room.

See, I've been sick the last couple of days.

It's not been all-bad.  I've watched some movies.  I have lost a lot of weight.  (The trick is "not eating".)  I've even worked on the novel some, but it's slower than usual because I keep losing track of what's been typed down and what I've just written in my head.

I took my son to the doctor for his 2-year check-up yesterday.  He's perfectly healthy.  He's also huge.  He weighed 34 pounds, which puts him in the 95th-97th percentile for weight, and he's 37.5 inches tall, which puts him above the 97th percentile for height.  His doctor said he's the size of the average 3-year-old.

He also had to get a shot but he was so brave and he didn't cry and I was SO proud of him.

My parents got me a new phone which was really nice and cool, but I struggle adjusting to new things and I'm still not entirely sure how it works.  When it rings I just kind of yell at it and push buttons until it either picks up or I've hung up on the caller.

(If you've tried to call me in the last couple of days and have gotten nothing but screaming and button beeps, I'm sorry.)

I only took one day off work which is dumb because I'm seriously still really sick but it was good because I got a chance to catch up on my work and hang out with my co-workers.  (We had a really funny thing happen where we were picking on each other regarding an interoffice e-mail subject line for this complicated requisition and I guess you had to be there because I tried to explain it to my husband but he just said, "That's not funny.")

We also started on plans to run highspeed go-karts into each other again, because that's how you bond in an (almost) all-male office.  (I'm the one person who makes it "almost".)

Yesterday was mine and my husband's 5-year wedding anniversary which is super-awesome but it wasn't much fun because he tried to make me this awesome meal and I couldn't eat hardly any of it.  He makes these chicken quesadillas that taste like the ones Rock-O-La had before they closed down (and those quesadillas were my favorite thing on the menu).  He also made a cake with chocolate mousse filling and cream cheese icing, which is my favorite.

I think today is Friday, which means my parents (the Papa and the Mimi) are going to watch my son so my husband and I can hang out for our anniversary, which will probably end up with me just seizing the opportunity to go to bed earlier without my son jumping on me and the bed and yelling, "Mama wake up?  Mama play!"

Also, a bunch of people from my church are going to Belize to serve at an orphanage and a Vacation Bible School and I was really jealous I wasn't going but now I realize it's probably good that I'm not because I don't think you want to run a fever in Belize.

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